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About Visit My French Village

A Bit About Us

A Family Affair

My name is Pascale, I was born and raised in Paris until the age of 13. Deciding they no longer wished to raise their children in the city, my parents moved us to Brittany.

Being a teenager I was appalled at the idea of moving to the country, but soon enough I came to accept the lifestyle and fell in love with the countryside and its charming people.

After school and some (foolish some might say!) attempt at studying in university, I travelled the world, living somewhat nomadically in many countries until settling down in Far North Queensland where I have lived since 1995.

Even though I love Australia and could not live without its charms, my heart is often in France.

I started a travel agency in Cairns in 2000 in order to showcase the beauty of Australia to the French travelers. Now I am ready to show you the other side of my heart: the true France. When in France, you will meet my older sister Veronique who is very passionate about French cooking. If she is in a restaurant and finds something new, she will learn the recipe and cook it at home and is more than willing to pass on her recipes. She has come to visit Australia three times and have developed quite a fondness for the country and has jumped at the idea of this family enterprise… You may also meet Claire and Michel, Claire, a Parisian career woman and Michel a talented contemporary artist.

So, a small group of family and close friends, together working towards creating a dream holiday and unique experience for you.. set in the heart of France, surrounded by everyday people and life.

A Bit About The Concept

It feels as though I am constantly hearing the same remarks from travelers who have been to France on organized tours (the 10 countries in 10 days types!).

They come back thinking that it means squeezing in monuments, galleries and fancy restaurants in a short amount of time, waiting in lines and only catching glimpses of what romantic movies have shown us to be the best location on Earth.

Many say they wish they could go back and have the “True French Experience.” The problem is that they do not actually know what that entails or where to start.

What so many people forget is that if you want to experience the ‘real’ French culture, you have to take time to immerse yourself in the French way of life.

What I offer is the opportunity to go and live in the French countryside as the locals do.

And because you will have a consultation with me before your arrival, I will know exactly what your preferences are.

My ultimate aim is to tailor a trip that will suit YOU.

By car, you can spend weeks discovering what Brittany has to offer: local markets in historical townships along with cozy restaurants providing menus with dishes made from the best homegrown products.

Occasionally you can find yourself in a village fete where you will dance until 2am in the morning or simply take the time to live life slowly, walking the many tracks through beautiful forests and majestic farm estates.

We will meet on a weekly basis and I will give you all the information you will need for a fabulous and unforgettable stay.

A Bit About Brittany

At the crossing of the Nantes-Brest canal there are many hiking trails and bike tracks to be discovered. Malestroit is a genuine city of character and is known for its medieval city centre. As well as manmade wonders, there are countless opportunities to explore the cities natural surrounds. Josselin too is celebrated for its magnificent and enchanting medieval fortress surrounded by a land of rivers, woods, farmlands and charming country towns.

Your cottages will be carefully chosen in accordance to your needs and can accommodate anywhere from 2 to 27 people. Each cottage is unique on its own and offers all the modern facilities you will need for a great holiday in the French style.

Discovering the Breton countryside with my help will give you the opportunity to relax and absorb the lifestyle of a foreign land. Allowing you the freedom to live life the way you want, whether it’s getting involved with ancient village festivals until the early hours of the morning, lounging under an apple tree with your loved ones or eating cheese while you sip one of the many fine wines the country has to offer.

A Bit About The Cottages

Your cottages will be carefully chosen in accordance to your needs and can accommodate anywhere from 2 to 27 people.

Each cottage is unique on its own and offers all the modern facilities you will need for a great holiday in the French style.

A Bit About The Packages

You could stay for 4 weeks in Brittany from AU$950 per person (based on 10 people)

Your package will include :

  • Return train from Paris to Vannes in Brittany. (A 3hr20mn journey on fast train).
  • Transfer from the train station to the local car hire.
  • Meeting with me or with Veronique to do the administration side, understand your car and the condition of your bookings.
  • Your car hire for the duration of your stay
  • Guiding by me to your cottage (about 30 to 45mn drive)
  • Your own cottage for the duration of your stay
  • A food basket of essentials; bread, butter, cheese, coffee, sugar, jam, milk, a “saucisson” and bottle of red wine.
  • Each Saturday night we will meet over an “apéritif” and you will be supplied with information about the region and its endless offerings.

2 people 1 week from AU$730pp
4 people from AU$485pp
6 people from AU$710pp
10 people sharing a big cottage and 3 cars for 4 weeks will start at AU$950pp

For groups we can also provide someone to do the cooking with you, help with shopping… so why not have your 40th, 50th… in France. We can also cater for cycling groups, walking, cooking, horse riding, art & craft, organic/eco cottages. We recommend you come to Brittany from May-June to October-November when the weather is at its best but we can organize you stay at any time of the year. The Privileged counties of Malestroit & Josselin, halfway between the Gulf of Morbihan and the forest of Broceliande, make an ideal base for exploring Brittany on the basis of half-day or full day trips.

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